02/14/2016 A Quiet Passion garners strong Berlinale reviews

 ***** (5 Stars)
"Davies meets Dickinson and the result is a masterpiece of mood"
'It is an exceptional film with a searing central performance from Cynthia Nixon in a role a long way removed from her Miranda Hobbes in Sex And The City.’ - The Independent

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**** (4 Stars)
"Terence Davies' Emily Dickinson biopic finds beauty in the little things"
‘With the help of a great performance by Cynthia Nixon, A Quiet Passion is Davies’ third feature since his comeback documentary Of Time and the City… Davies appears to be getting better every time.’ ‘Every shot is beautifully composed and lit – as we have come to expect – and the actors deliver every line with absolute conviction.’ 
- The Guardian

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"A meticulous portrait of a complex lady"
As with many of Davies’ films, there is much to admire in the meticulous period recreation and a dazzling use of light and motion that create an unforgettable feeling of place and time. Nixon gracefully portrays… this complex role. Faithfully at her side, Ehle shows a combo of sense and sensibility. Cinematographer Florian Hoffmeister has a soulful approach to describing the oppressive warmth of 19th century interiors, and their harmony is restful without ever boring. -The Hollywood Reporter

"rather majestic and moving biopic"
‘The film’s power also derives from the slow reveal that what had seemed wooden and slightly pompous…are central to the portrait of a woman whose poems take the everyday and make it cast a metaphysical shadow. - Screen International