12/06/2017 A QUIET PASSION named one of The New York Times Best Films of 2017

The Best Movies of 2017
Manohla Dargis & A.O. Scott / The New York Times 


9. 'A Quiet Passion' (Terence Davies) In this exquisitely directed biography of Emily Dickinson (a sensational Cynthia Nixon), Mr. Davies turns images into feelings. With delicacy and transporting camera movements, he brings you into Emily’s everyday life, touching close to the people that she deeply loved and into the rooms that they shared. He shows you the beauty, grace, light and shadow that flowed into her and right through her pen. - Manohla Dargis

9. 'A Quiet Passion' But not so quiet, really. As Emily Dickinson, Cynthia Nixon is forthright, sometimes abrasive, often funny and never less than thrilling company. Terence Davies’s blithely unconventional biopic glides through Dickinson’s life with poetic compression and musical grace, illuminating both her temperament and the austere, intellectually intense 19th-century New England environment that nurtured and constrained her gifts. - A.O. Scott


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